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Handheld Grout Pumps

Hand-operated grout pumps are a variation of heavy-duty grouting pumps that rely on manual labor to function. These pumps are suitable for various types of cementitious grout and are designed to last. Manual pumps allow for high accuracy during grout application. Kenrich is proud to offer a range of handheld grout pumps for various industrial applications.

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Features & Benefits of Handheld Grout Pumps

Handheld grout pumps are operated through manual pumping labor and do not require a power source. This makes manual pumps easily portable and able to be relocated as your project necessitates. They are ideal for grout projects of various sizes and work well for low-pressure applications. Hand-operated grout pumps allow for complete control over the application rate, achieving high levels of precision and detail.

Additional benefits of handheld grout pumps include:

  • Low pressure
  • Lightweight
  • No power source necessary
  • Portable
  • Easy operation
  • Made in the US

Kenrich Manual Grout Pumps

Kenrich Products supplies four hand-operated grout pump models with unique advantages ranging from size to output capacity. The Kenrich manual grout pump models include:

  • GP-1 Single Diaphragm, 1.9 Ga. Hopper
  • GP-2 Single Diaphragm, 4.6 Gal. Hopper
  • GP-6 Twin Diaphragm, 4.6 Gal. Hopper
  • GP-7 Twin Diaphragm, 4.6 Gal Hopper with Boom Assembly

Applications for Handheld Grout Pumps

Hand-operated grout pumps are ideal for low-pressure applications, including small projects like grouting door frames or repairing cracks. As a variation of heavy-duty grout pumps, manual pumps increase the speed of grout applications and can effectively lower labor costs.

Common applications include:

  • Waterproofing
  • Door frames
  • Lining sidewalks
  • Sealing joints
  • Restoring flooring
  • Filling cracks

Why Kenrich?

Kenrich Products has over 35 years of industry experience, establishing us as leaders in the field. Located in Portland, Oregon, we offer overnight or next-day shipping to customers in the US and Canada. Additionally, with distributors all across the globe, Kenrich grout pumps can be shipped worldwide to all continents.

Our grout pumps are our own designs and creations, built for durability and longevity. Our inventory of pumps, pump parts and accessories, and cements and grouts are always in stock and ready to ship. Kenrick has the right grouting solution for any application.

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Kenrich Products is proud to supply many industries with high-quality, heavy-duty grout pumps for various grouting applications. Our team of experts is prepared to assist you with all grouting project needs and requirements.

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