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Kenrich pump bodies available in heavy duty plastic and metalPlastic Pump & Metal Pump

Metal vs. Heavy Duty Plastic Grout Pump Bodies

All of Kenrich's grout pumps are available with metal or heavy duty plastic bodies.

Differences Between Metal and Heavy Duty Plastic Grout Pumps

  • Metal Grout Pumps

    All models of Kenrich Grout Pumps can also be ordered with a metal pump body assembly. These metal components are even more durable and resistant to abuse than our standard plastic bodies.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Grout Pumps 

    The most popular and best-selling grout pump that Kenrich Products manufacturers, is the plastic grout pump. After 30 years, many of our original GP-1 plastic grout pumps are still in use, withstanding the test of time.

If you would like assistance in placing an order, please contact our sales staff at 503-281-6190. Or complete our contact form if you have any questions about our metal or heavy duty plastic grout pumps.

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Pump CriteriaPlastic Pump BodyMetal Pump Body
Pump Construction Heavy duty Heavy duty plus
Single Diaphragm Pump Rate 6 gpm 6 gpm
Double Diaphragm Pump Rate 11 gpm 11 gpm
Weight GP-2 22 lbs. 24 lbs.
Pump Price $ Metal costs about 20% more than plastic $$
Cleanability, Maintenance & Repair Easy Easy

Grout Pump Pressure Gauges

An option available to add to either your metal or plastic grout pump at time of purchase, is a 15 psi pressure gauge. 

For more information on the pressure gauge operation, cleaning and maintenance, view our Pressure Gauge Video.

Instructions for Ordering Metal Bodies for Grout Pumps

  • New Metal Grout Pumps

    When ordering a new metal grout pump, add the letter "M" after the model number (GP-1/MGP-2/MGP-3A/MGP-6/M, and GP-7/M).
  • Grout Pump Metal Body Upgrade Kits

    Upgrade kits are available for installation on existing plastic body grout pumps in the field (Note: some minor rework is required to the clamp ring assembly for proper attachment onto the metal body.)

Contact Kenrich Products for Information on Metal and Heavy Duty Plastic Grout Pumps

If you have any questions or if you would like assistance in placing an order, contact our sales staff at 503-281-6190 or fill out our contact form.