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GP-7 Grout Pump

Dual 1” vinyl hoses, ideal for filling both sides of a door frame simultaneously.

The GP-7 is a twin diaphragm hand-operated grout pump that is used specifically for grouting metal door frames. Having two 1" output hoses allows the contractor to fill both sides simultaneously. Requires two 1" minimum diameter holes be drilled in each side of the door frame and using the supplied hose support assembly holds the two hoses in place. Net weight is only 35 pounds.

The GP-7 is a twin diaphragm hand-operated grout pump. This pump features two separate pumps mounted side-by-side, each with their own inlet and outlet cast aluminum manifolds. A single pump handle operates both pumps. The advantage of two diaphragms is a much smoother output flow.

The standard boom assembly is adjustable to fit a 34" to 48" wide door frames. Optional hose support extended assemblies are also available to fit wider doorways, including 48” to 60” and 60” to 72”. The supplied standard grout placement hose is 1" ID by 6’ long clear vinyl tubing with a polished interior.

 Click here for more information on our line of GP-7 grout pump Upgrades, Accessories and Repair Kits.

GP-7 Twin Diaphragm, 4.6 Gal. Hopper with Boom Assembly

 Kenrich GP-7 Grout Pump Features and Benefits

  • Cementitious Grout Pump- Pumps non shrink sand based cementitious grouts. 
  • Hand Operated- No electric or air power source, no problem.
  • Low Pressure- 15 psi max. - Ideal anywhere high pressure is not required.
  • Heavy Duty- Built for durability and long lasting performance
  • Lightweight and Portable- Take the pump to where you need the grout.
  • Easy to Operate- Minimal maintenance required.
  • Built with pride in the USA.
  • In Stock / Ready to Ship UPS. We have Kenrich grout pumps, accessories and parts in stock and are ready to ship UPS ground, 2 day or overnight. 

Kenrich Pump Specs/ Model GP-7:

Our Model GP-7 Grout Pump is the perfect tool for filling hollow metal door frames. Dual 1” vinyl hoses, makes it ideal for filling both door frames simultaneously
Model Kenrich GP-7
Pump Type Twin Diaphragm, Self-Priming
Power Source Hand Operated
Output Capacity* 5 gallons/minute
Output Pressure 0 to 15 psi
Hopper Capacity .62 cubic foot (4.6 gallons)
Standard Hose Support Assembly Adjusts to fit 34" to 48" doors
Placement Hose Size 1" ID x 72" long, Clear Vinyl
Discharge Head 10’ Vertical Lift
Dimensions 16 1/2" x 25" x 24" high
Net Weight 35 pounds
*Output and performance will vary depending on cycle rate, viscosity of the grout mixture and pressure conditions.


GP-7 Twin Diaphragm, 4.6 Gal. Hopper with Boom Assembly HoseKenrich grout pump hose reducer kit, from1 1/2" to 1" ID x 5' clear vinyl hoseGalvanized steel pump hose end nozzles  Kenrich Pump's 1 1/2" heavy duty clear vinyl replacement hose in 5' sections

GP-7 Options:                      

Hose Support Assemblies to fit wider doorways are available for 48” to 60” and 60” to 72”. For more information on our Kenrich Products’ Model GP-7 Heavy Duty grout pump, go to  Upgrades, Accessories and Repair Kits and the GP-7 Owner's Manual.    

Hose Reducer Kits:                                 3/4" and 1" ID Available

1-1/2" ID Hose Lengths:                        

5', 10', 15', 20' and 50' long
1-1/2" Hose Ends:                                     Straight, 90 degree and 180 degree Elbows
Hi-Capacity Hopper Kit                              

Converts GP-1 to GP-2 Specifications

Pumping Aggregate Materials Through Your Kenrich Grout Pump.

The Kenrich line of heavy-duty grout pumps are designed to pump non-shrink sand based cementitious grouts. However if you need to pump Grout with AGGREGATE, we recommend a factor premix Grout in the bags with no bigger than 3/8” pea gravel. Crushed rock/stone 3/8" in size and larger, not recommended do to jagged edges, even though some contractors make it work. Call the office for more info at 503-281-6190.