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Pumps, Cements, & Grouts

Using the correct types of cement and grouts in your heavy-duty grout pump is essential for project success. Because grout is available in various forms, including differing viscosities and contents, choosing a grout that works with your machine while fulfilling your project demands can be intimidating. We are prepared to assist you in determining the correct cement and grout mixes for your Kenrich heavy-duty grout pump.

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Grout Pump Uses & Applications

Grout pumps by Kenrich are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them easy to move and ideal for a variety of projects. Kenrich pumps are compatible with non-shrink cementitious grouts, which typically have thinner viscosities than epoxy grouts and can better fill cracks or breaks.

Because grout is a mixture of cement, sand, water, and other added materials, it is essential to use the proper grout for its appropriate applications. Grouting is common in various industries for multiple types of projects.

Typical industrial grouting applications include:

  • Waterproofing
  • Grouting metal door and window frames
  • Filling hollow concrete blocks
  • General filling
  • Cementing tilt-up panel joints
  • General sealing
  • Floor restoration

Types of Grout & Cement

Many grout types are designed for various grout pumps or specific applications. Understanding which grout will work with your pump is necessary to ensure your project is completed correctly and your pump remains in top condition. Kenrich pumps are compatible with various types of grouts to allow for diversity in application. These include sand-based grouts and cement mixes manufactured by construction-industry specialists, including Five Star Grouts, Sika, BASF, Fosroc, and more.

Kenrich heavy-duty grout pumps work with various general-purpose and specialty non-shrink cementitious grouts. As the type and consistency of your grout will affect its flow rate, Kenrich grout pumps display flow rates and gallons per minute processed, so you can be aware of the speed at which your grout will apply. Our pumps are versatile and designed to handle standard pre-packaged mixed grouts as well as specialty grouts.

If you intend to pump grout with aggregate, we recommend a premix in-bag grout with pea gravel no larger than 3/8 in. to prevent damage to your pump. Epoxy grout and grout mixes are not recommended for use in Kenrich pumps.

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