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Kenrich’s line of heavy duty grout pumps, provide outstanding performance pumping a full range of cementitious grouts, in a wide range of pumping applications.

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Grout Pump Uses and Applications 

Kenrich heavy duty grout pumps are used in many different applications, including:

  • Grouting metal door and window frames.
  • Filling hollow concrete block and general voids.
  • Grouting under a machine bedplate.
  • Cementing a tilt-up panel joint. 

Grout and Cement Types and Flow

  • Kenrich heavy duty pumps work with a wide range of general purpose and specialty non-shrink cementitious grouts, including sand based grouts and cement mixes, manufactured by Five Star Grouts, Sika, BASF, Fosroc, and others.  
  • We also provide flow rates / gallons per minute for each of the Kenrich grout pump models. 

Pumping Aggregate Materials Through Your Kenrich Heavy Duty Grout Pump

The Kenrich line of heavy-duty grout pumps is designed to pump non-shrink sand based cementitious grouts.

However, if you need to pump Grout with AGGREGATE, we recommend a factor premix Grout in the bags with no bigger than 3/8” pea gravel. Crushed rock/stone 3/8" in size and larger.

Not recommended for jagged edges, even though some contractors have been able to make it work.

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