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Owner’s Manuals

Click on the links below to access complete owner’s manuals for all Kenrich Products heavy duty grout pump models.

The individual chapters in each owner's manual include full grout pump descriptions as well as information on operations, maintenance, service, and repair parts.     

Hand Operated Grout Pumps

  • GP-1 Grout Pump, Single Diaphragm, 1.9 Hopper 
  • GP-2 Grout Pump, Single Diaphragm, 4.9 Hopper 
  • GP-6 Grout Pump, win Diaphragm, 4.9 Hopper 
  • GP-7 Grout Pump, Twin Diaphragm, 4.9 Hopper, with hose boom assembly

Air Operated Grout Pumps

  • GP-3A Grout Pump, Single Diaphragm, 4.9 Hopper